The Life of a Modern Day Bulldog

Entourage Bulldogs blog is about all things bulldog ranging from breeding, raising puppies from birth until they leave our home for their forever homes, senior bulldogs, and the overall care of the bulldog breed. Bulldogs were originally bred for the sport of bull baiting in England presumably as early as the 13th century and gained more popularity during the Elizabethan era. When bull baiting was ultimately outlawed in the 19th century, bulldogs found themselves without a purpose and had it not been for a particular bulldog fancier they would have gone extinct. Imagine that? A world without bulldogs. Today, bulldogs have changed dramatically from their lean and active predecessors and are considered a non-sporting breed. The life of a modern day bulldog is spent either as a pet or show dog. We have learned a great deal about being owned by a bulldog since acquiring our first bulldog in 2005 and it is always our goal to make sure we breed healthy bulldogs and according to the standard of the American Kennel Club and the Bulldog Club of America and that new owners leave our home knowing they can always contact us with questions on how to care for this breed to assure a long, healthy life like our Mona who recently turned 11 years old. While some may perceive bulldogs as fat and lazy, bulldogs in reality can be just as energetic as their ancestors. And, in many cases, if they are not allowed to exert that energy they can become a tad bit bored. This is why we tend to ask about your lifestyle in our application. You do not necessarily have to be a homebody to own a bulldog. Some bulldogs can handle the great outdoors longer than others - with caution and supervision, of course. We tend to know which puppies, especially if they are with us longer, are more active and those who are less active. So before you set your sights on a particular puppy, always ask about their personality. More bulldogs than not tend to have a clown like personality, love to goof around and be doted on by anyone and everyone. Follow us for regular updates on our puppy availability, breedings, and more bulldog news or trivia. (Featured photo of our Mona Mi.)

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