Bulldogs vs. the Tenacious Mosquito

As the weather starts to change, we start preparing our homes, cars, and bulldogs for the winter. In Texas, however, our winterizing seems to be evolving more around battling pests. The cooler weather, especially in the mornings and evenings, is such a welcoming change but the humidity has been exceptionally high and what should be an enjoyable time of the year is ruined by the insurmountable problem of mosquitoes and biting flies that come with - what we Texans consider to be FINALLY - nice weather. This week the mosquitoes and biting flies got so bad we decided to rid our yard of anything we thought encouraged pests to call our yard home. (This included emptying our bird bath.) Other radical options we considered included hiring one of those expensive pest control companies to spray for mosquitoes, backhoe our swimming pool, or put a torch to our landscape. (I’m joking! We would never hire a pest control company.) Although bats occasionally visit our yard, and we are okay with them visiting, we don’t want to encourage them to stay for obvious reasons. Buying bug foggers and lawn sprays, lighting tiki torches and citronella candles have worked for many year but not lately. So I am looking into a new product, something safe and effective, called the Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap to protect us from the myriad of health problems mosquitoes can cause for both humans (e.g. West Nile Virus, yellow fever, dengue, and encephalitis) and dogs (e.g. Heartworms, skin allergies, equine encephalitis). And, although, dogs should be on some sort of heartworm preventative year round, the everpresent mosquito this time of the year is a reminder of how important it is to make sure our beloved bulldog is protected from the life-threatening effects of a Texas-size mosquito problem. Our heartworm preventative of choice is Ivermectin prescribed by our veterinarian. We also recommend topical preventatives that include mosquito repellents. (Featured photo is of Logan.)

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