Bulldog FAQs

What are your goals as a breeder?

It is our goal at Entourage Bulldogs to breed healthy, sound bulldogs by improving on our lines one litter at a time, and ultimately, exhibiting those results.

What was the bulldogs original purpose?

Bulldogs were originally bred in England for the sport of bull baiting and were in danger of extinction after bull baiting was banned mid-19th century.

What is the difference between pet quality and show quality?

We, personally, don’t think there can be much of a difference except for in some cases where it is obvious that a bulldog may not be show quality based on conformation, color, health, and temperament. We also believe, in our short experience of showing, the beauty of a bulldog is in the eye of the beholder (and, of course, the judge). It is entirely in the best interest of the new owner or exhibitor to do their due diligence.

What are AKC standards for the bulldog breed?

Our bulldogs are in accordance to the standards of American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Bulldog Club of America (BCA). Therefore, nd foremost, we do not breed tricolors or rare colors. Please visit the following link to read more on AKC standards for bulldogs. http://www.akc.org/breeds/bulldog/

Whenever I tell someone I own a bulldog, they often ask “what kind”. does akc recognize any other bulldog breeds as a "bulldog"?

With so many different bulldog breeds on the market, there is undoubtedly some confusion about the differences between English bulldogs and other bulldog breeds. English bulldogs are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) simply as "bulldogs", whereas, American bulldogs, Olde English bulldogs, and Pitbulls are not recognized by AKC at all. Yet, these breeds are often referred to as bulldogs. So, in general, when someone states they own a bulldog they are talking about an English bulldog. French bulldogs are recognized by AKC but are listed as their own breed. 

When do bulldogs become lazy?

Honestly, they may never become the couch potato you desire or once owned. Bulldogs love to nap but they love to horse around just as much, if not more.

Are bulldogs right for my family?

In our puppy application, we specifically ask about your lifestyle for a reason because bulldogs are a non-sporting breed. They have a short muzzle which does not allow them to breath with ease like dogs with long muzzles. Bulldogs can and will overheat if pushed beyond their capacity especially during hot, summer months. So, if you are an active family and like to hike or run it may be best to either leave your bulldog at home or consider choosing a more active breed that can handle your lifestyle. The American Kennel Club has a fun link to help you determine if a bulldog is the right fit for your family. Check it out: http://www.akc.org/you-vs-breed/

Are white bulldogs afflicted with the same ailments as other white or albino breeds,e.g., deafness, blindness?

We believe ailments, whether a bulldog or any other breed, should not be judged based solely on the color of its coat since most ailments are congenital and breed specific. However, you should be well-informed and prepared for any bulldog related anomalies. The following is an interesting article, you may find helpful if you still have questions about deafness in white dogs in general.  https://blog.pawedin.com/dogs/why-are-white-coated-dogs-deaf/

Is there such a breed as the “mini” or “miniature” bulldog?

No. Some breeders have found a way to make more money by promoting mini or miniature bulldogs as something special. When in fact, they are just breeding two runts (or smaller bulldogs) with the hopes of creating smaller bulldogs or selling you the runt of the litter for more money.

Can bulldogs survive in Texas heat?

Bulldogs do not do well in heat and WILL DIE IF LEFT OUTDOORS IN HOT WEATHER.  Bulldogs must live in an air-conditioned environment during hot weather and due to their short hair must be provided a heated environment during cold weather. We tend to allow our dogs more freedom outdoors in the morning and evening hours during the summer months with only the necessary potty breaks in the middle of day.

Can bulldogs swim?

No, but most bulldogs love water especially during hot weather. As a matter of fact, it was not unusual for us to find our first bulldog sitting proudly in the middle of my freshly ran bath or one sitting on the first step inside our swimming pool.  A bulldog’s body is not made for swimming and they typically sink like rocks. We recommend supervising your bulldog when it is near a swimming pool, lake or pond, as if it were a child. Many online stores such as Amazon and eBay are now selling life jackets specifically made for bulldogs.

What is the best food for my bulldog?

Since 2005, we have fed our bulldogs a variety of dog food brands including Pedigree, the BARF diet, and some of the most expensive dog foods on the market. We have learned over time we can either spend money at the vet office or simply on a quality dog food. Our priority is to make sure that the dog foods we feed our dogs are Made in America and that they are made with quality ingredients also Made in America and not fillers such as chicken feathers or by-products. It is also important to note the size of the kibble to make sure that the dry kibble you choose for your bulldog does not become a choking hazard. Our bulldogs’ diets are catered to the individual needs of our bulldogs which range between a variety of dog foods that include; Purina One, Purina Pro Plan, Canidae, Fromm Family, Orijen, Evo, Acana, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Wellness Core, raw chicken and satin balls made with regular ground beef which should have highest fat content. However, our puppy food of preference with our current litter is Merrick Grain Free Real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato Puppy Recipe. Our puppies are thriving exceptionally well on this brand.

What are the best feeding dishes for bulldogs?

When it comes to bulldog dishes we highly recommend stainless steel because it cuts down on bacteria that usually accumulates in plastic dishes. However, our recommendation does not stop there, we recommend a dish especially made for flat faced breeds made by Enhanced Pet Products, an American owned business. This dish with the stand, if they can keep it in stock, works well with allowing our bulldogs to eat without the hazard of choking on their dry kibble.

What type of crate should I use when I am not able to supervise my bulldog?

Free roam is always the best choice for our bulldogs but when it’s not we use Midwest Life Stages double door wire crates paired with Tuff Crate pads made by K9 Ballistics (Made in America). Never use dog carriers, which are typically used for transporting or shipping animals, to crate a bulldog because they do not offer the airflow bulldogs require to stay cool and comfortable.

I hear bulldogs love to chew. What type of toys are “bulldog” safe?

Bulldogs can turn anything into a chew toy including their crate pad or water bowl. We recommend using what we consider bulldog proof products. We suggest toys that border indestructible, but like anything, will eventually need to be replaced. A few suggestions would be toys made by Zogoflex which are Made in America and so durable they guarantee their toys.  Nylabone is another product we recommend and have used since we began breeding bulldogs in 2005.  Kong products were more our beloved Chow Chow’s choice of toy that the bulldogs grew to like as well.  Deer antlers are becoming increasingly popular as a durable chew toy for bulldogs which are now being sold by a variety of pet stores like Pet Supplies Plus and PetSmart. However, if you are blessed with friends, as we have been, who hunt then you won’t have to worry about buying them. On the flipside, we do NOT recommend rawhide, any type of rope toys, or stuffed animals with squeakers. These can be choking hazards for a bulldog, adults and puppies. 

I have noticed my bulldog’s ears are extra yucky ESPECIALLY during the summer months. What can I do about this?

You should always check with your vet first to make sure it’s nothing serious but during the summer months bulldog ears tend to become more itchy, smelly, and dirty with red yeast. We recommend using EcoEars to keep your bulldogs ears clean.

What flea and tick treatment is best for my bulldog?

Like dog food we have used a variety of flea and tick treatments over the years and our number one choice for our Chihuahua and our Chow Chow was Frontline; topical and spray. Once we brought home our first bulldog, we realized we could not use the same products on them as we had on our other pets. We tried using other topical products such as Bayer and Advantix II but we noticed a few of our bulldogs reacting negatively to topical products on their skin. We have used Bravecto chewable treatment once but decided there just wasn’t enough research available to determine if it was safe for our breeding dogs. With that said, we have chosen to treat our bulldogs with natural products made by Equiderma with an overall excellence in skin care products and biting insects options. Bathing with Dawn liquid dish washing soap has also been a proven economical and quick method of ridding our dog of fleas but it can be drying to their skin and coat so we do not recommend using it as a regular hygiene product.  The number one way to treat fleas and ticks is by treating your lawn.  There are a variety of products on the market to choose from and will direct you on when it is safe for your animals to return to the lawn. For heartworm prevention we use Ivermectin purchased from our veterinarian.  

Why should I spay or neuter my bulldog?

We have found pyometra and brucellosis, both life-threatening infections in intact bulldogs, to be the number one reasons for spaying or neutering your bulldogs especially if you do not plan to breed them. While pyometra does not affect males, there are a few good reasons to neuter your male which include brucellosis. Other reasons may include marking of territory on precious furnishings, intact aggression, and testicular cancer. Honestly, there is absolutely no reason for your bulldog to remain intact if you have no intentions of breeding them. For more information on the topic of pyometra or brucellosis, please read the following articles at the links posted by the American Kennel Club. http://www.akc.org/content/dog-breeding/articles/danger-intact-females-pyometra/ and http://www.akc.org/content/dog-breeding/articles/brucellosis-dog-breeders-shouldnt-skip-testing-for-this-dangerous-disease/.

At Entourage Bulldogs, we pride ourselves in what we have learned over the years, some by trial and error, and other knowledge from wonderful like-minded bulldog fanciers from all over the world who have been owned by bulldogs much longer than we have, including our BCA sponsors Rick & Susan Glover of HamItUp Bulldogs. If we do not have the answers to your questions, we will do our best to find it for you. We believe asking questions are essential to the process of understanding the bulldog breed and providing it with the ultimate care it deserves.